Lake Luzerne Motel

Lake Luzerne Motel

296 Lake Avenue Rt. 9N | Lake Luzerne, NY 12846
Phone (518) 696-3012


Lake Luzerne Area Activities

A small gem of a lake that can easily be fished from a boat with an electric trolling motor. 

Physical Features:    
*Area: 100 Acres   
*Elevation: 624 feet   
*Maximum Depth: 52 feet   
*Length: Approximately ¾ mile   
*Maximum width: Approximately ½ mile    

Fishing Access Site:    
* Public Boat Launch Ramp   
 just 500 Yards away from   
Lake Luzerne Motel    

Fish Types in the Lake:    
* Bullhead   
* Rainbow Trout   
* Largemouth Bass   
(dominant Bass Species)
* Small mouth Bass   
* Northern Pike   
* Pumpkinseed   
* Rock Bass   
* Yellow Perch

Map courtesy of Warren County Tourism

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